Preventative Care

At Coast Family Dental Currimundi, we believe that prevention is always better. We ensure that we educate all our patients on correct oral hygiene methods since things like decay and gum disease are all preventable through good home care (brushing and flossing) as well as regular (6 monthly) preventative assessments and care.
Our professional advice to all patients is to come in for a full oral examination every 6 months. This is because small problems are not always noticeable or symptomatic when they begin and if they are left untreated then this will mean more expensive and more complex treatment down the track.
Please feel free to contact us at Coast Family Dental to discuss your oral care needs and find out more about our prevention program.


Dentures are removable plates or frames that hold one or more artificial teeth. They are made to replace missing teeth and can be of two types:

– Full Dentures (to replace all teeth) – are required when an individual is missing all their teeth. Full dentures are not fixed into the gums, you take them out and put them in when you need. Most people are comfortable doing this and have worn full dentures for a long time. Remember, if you have dentures that don’t fit well or feel uncomfortable then you may require some changes or a new denture if the existing one is quite old.

– Partial Dentures (to replace some teeth) – if implants or a bridge are not suitable to you then you may want to consider a partial denture. Just as with a full denture, these are not fixed into the gums but are removable. They do not entirely rely on your gums for retention, however clasps are used to grasp onto existing teeth. Partial dentures have been used successfully by many patients.

At Coast Family Dental Currimundi, we can make you a new set of full or partial dentures, or make changes to your existing dentures to help you regain the smile and confidence you desire! If you have any questions about your dentures, please do not hesitate to book a consultation with our dentists to discuss your needs further. At Coast Family Dental Currimundi, we will take the time to listen to your concerns and give you a number of options to help you decide what is the best treatment for you. We will ensure that we consider your needs first, and we will always endeavour to make your dentures as natural and comfortable as possible.

The materials we use are of the highest quality and we only use local Australian labs, so you can be sure that your new teeth are of excellent quality.


A dental bridge is used to “bridge” the gap between one or more missing teeth. A bridge is usually made up of two crowns that sit on each tooth on either side of the gap, and these two crowns are attached to another full tooth shaped crown which sits in the gap where the missing tooth was. A dental bridge may be recommended to you in cases where a dental implant is not suitable or desirable, or when the two teeth beside the missing tooth are quite damaged or heavily filled.


At Coast Family Dental Currimundi, our first priority will be to save your teeth where possible. Occasionally, however, there may be instances where a dental extraction or removal of the tooth becomes the only option: for example if there is extensive decay, bone infections underneath and around the tooth, cracks deep within the tooth, severe gum disease, severely impacted teeth (e.g. wisdom teeth) or in preparation for orthodontic (braces) work. Our dentists are trained in the safe removal of your teeth and with the use of our modern equipment and local anesthesia, the procedure is as comfortable and quick as possible. Our dentists and the team at Coast Family Dental Currimundi will take full care of you and support you before, during and after the procedure. If you require follow-up care, our friendly staff will also organise to give you a follow-up phone call or appointment to make sure you are recovering well.

Teeth Whitening

At Coast Family Dental Currimundi, we understand how important it is to have a bright smile. There are many reasons you may wish to have your teeth whitened, as over time certain foods and drinks (tea and coffee, curries, red wine, soft drinks, smoking etc) can cause discolouration of our teeth.

Our friendly dentists and the team at Coast Family Dental Currimundican help you whiten your teeth for any occasion using one of our teeth whitening options. We use quality products and will only recommend whitening if you need it and if other discrepancies are not an issue (such as shape or structural issues preventing the ability to properly whiten your teeth). Teeth whitening results can be seen in as little as just two weeks! Please feel free to contact our friendly team at Coast Family Dental Currimundi for a consultation regarding teeth whitening.

Sedation Dentistry (IV sedation)

At Coast Family Dental Currimundi, we understand that going to the dentist may bring up bad past experiences and fears relating to dental treatment. Our dentists at Coast Family Dental Currimundi are proud to be able to offer general and advanced dental treatment with a gentle approach. We care about you and understand that you may still prefer an alternative way in which to have your dental treatment.

At Coast Family Dental Currimundi, we offer treatment under intravenous (IV) sedation also known as ‘Twilight Sedation’. This sedation technique utilises a range of IV drugs which are administered by a specially trained medical practitioner.

Patients are maintained at a very comfortable and lightly conscious state. One of the advantages of IV sedation is that our anesthetist treatment has a medicare rebate component. Medicare rebates allow this treatment to be much more affordable.
Please feel free to call Coast Family Dental Currimundi to discuss IV sedation further with one of our friendly staff members. Our team of dentists will also be able to further explain the process during your examination appointment.