The services provided at Coast Family Dental Currimundi during your first visit are determined by your oral needs. If you have booked in for urgent treatment or a toothache, our aim is to get you out of pain as soon as possible and as such, we will provide the necessary treatment to accomplish this.

If you have booked in for a general check-up and clean, your first appointment will usually involve a thorough examination of your mouth, gums, and teeth. With your consent, dental x-rays will be taken to help the dentist diagnose any issues and a thorough clean may be performed to maintain optimal oral health of your teeth and gums.

At Coast Family Dental Currimundi, we are committed to helping you improve your oral health and smile in a calm and relaxed environment. If further treatment is required, our friendly team will discuss all of your options with you and the associated costs in a manner that is easy to understand. It is important to us that you feel comfortable throughout all stages of your treatment, so feel free to ask our friendly staff and dentists any questions that will help you feel at ease.

This is a very common question. The Australian Dental Association recommends your child’s first visit to the dentist should be when their first tooth becomes visible or when they reach 12months of age- whichever is earlier. At Coast Family Dental Currimundi we believe that establishing routines and creating great first dental experiences is very influential in how your child will perceive and tolerate future trips to the dentist. By setting these early routines your child will become familiar with the dental practice environment and also with the dentist and staff. With time the trip to the dentist will become an enjoyable part of your child’s journey throughout life. We aim to get your son or daughter to tell you that they “love going to the dentist”. Also by creating these routines our dentists are able to diagnose and treat dental issues before they become a bigger problem than they ought to have been. We would like your child’s first trip to be a fun experience!

Whether you are a child or an adult, you can have dental X-rays safely taken. The amount of radiation involved is extremely low, and can be equivalent to the sort of exposure you’d receive on a 1-2 hour flight. This means that even if you’re pregnant you can have X-rays taken, although they are generally kept to a minimum during this period. At Coast Family Dental Currimundi only digital x-rays are used which further reduces the radiation dose. Obviously if you still refuse to have radiographs taken our dentists will respect your wishes. However, if dental xrays are refused there may be consequences for you and your dental health including but not limited to:

  • Areas of tooth decay not visible within the mouth may remain undetected
    Problems with existing fillings, root canals, crowns or bridges may not be detected
  • Presence and/or severity of existing gum disease may not be realised
  • Asymptomatic abscesses or other sorts of infections may remain undetected
  • Tooth development issues such as malformed teeth, extra or missing teeth may remain undetected
  • Certain types of dental-related cysts and tumours may remain undetected
  • The development of wisdom teeth and the need for removal may not be ascertained

Early detection and treatment of dental issues is key to a healthy smile. While this time period can vary from person to person, the Coast Family Dental Currimundi team generally recommends a comprehensive oral examination and clean every six months. This is also as per recommendation by the Australian Dental Association.

By coming in for regular six monthly check up and cleans, the friendly team at Coast Family Dental Currimundi can assist in removing dental plaque (bacteria), one of the main factors behind dental decay and gum disease. They can also assess any potential problems which, when diagnosed early can minimise the need for lengthy and costly treatment. As with all health issues, prevention is better than cure, and this extends to your mouth too.
But I haven’t experienced any pain. Do I still need to see the dentist every six months?

Dental decay and gum problems often don’t cause pain. You might already have a decayed tooth or active gum disease without any symptoms at all. In fact, a lot of Australians have mouth issues and are unaware of them until they see a dentist, or the problems start causing them pain. Furthermore, when you do start experiencing pain, it might be too late to treat the problem in a simple and cost effective manner.

Coast Family Dental Currimundi offers many different methods to help you remember your dental appointments. We can schedule your recall appointments six months in advance, or send you an email, text or even give you a phone call to remind you of your appointments. Just let us know what your preferred method of contact is, and we can assist you in maintaining your oral health.